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I have always thought that Julia from FFStockings, has been an approachable and very cool webmaster.  …And I had not even spoken to her yet.  I just started promoting her again and I thought that I would shoot off a request for an interview with her.  I do these interviews so that you people can get a deeper glimpse into the sites that you love to surf each and every day.

Ok, lets get started.

Chaz – Please tell us about your Passion for Stockings.  How did it begin?

Julia – My passion for stockings began when I was a young woman.  I was seeing an

older man he introduced me to stockings.  I was hooked.

Chaz –Tell us about ffstockings?  Was that your first website?

Julia – Yes it’s my first website

Chaz – What is your favorite fabric, stockings, nylons, pantyhose, color, sheerness, etc.

Julia – I love sheer nylon the best in panties.  Sheer black is probably my favorite but sheer pink comes very close.  Vintage panties have the best sheer fabric.  So soft and see through.  They really don’t make panties like that anymore.  In ffstockings I love black nylon.  Most ffstockings are made the same way today.  Unfortunately there aren’t many makers of ffstockings left but the ones that are left make fantastic stockings.

Chaz – What would you like to say to your fans?

Julia – I love what I’m doing and I’ve been doing this for 16 years and I still love it just as much.  I love to tease and show off my stockings and panties as much as I can.

Chaz – Where do you see the adult industry going?

Julia – The adult industry is not in a good place.  When I started there were so many regular girls who had sites and now there are hardly any.  It’s all big companies out there now.  I know that guys love to look at a true amateur who will take her clothes off but unless guys are willing to pay for it those true amateurs will not stay in the business.

Chaz – Where do you see the fetish community going?

Julia – The fetish community is strong and growing.  So many people have discovered a new love for fetish.  I have lots of fans in their 20’s who write me.

Chaz – What does ffstockings mean to you?

Julia – FFstockings are my identity. I wear ffstockings every day and my love for them continues to grow.

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