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Welcome to We are all about Sheer Pantyhose, Sheer Stockings and Sheer Nylons and everything else, sheer. We have the best Sheer Porn, Pantyhose Porn, Stocking Porn and Nylon Porn, available on the internet. We feature Sheer Websites, Interviews, Movie trailers, Articles and so much more. We are proud to be representing the Pantyhose, Stocking and Nylon Scene. It needs it. Please support the websites in our community! Thanks for being a part of this Visual Pantyhose, Nylon and Stocking Directory and archive.

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Pantyhose Fetish Models

These Pantyhose Fetish Models are some of the hardest working girls in the Biz. Solo Pantyhose is the name of the game.  These girls are masters of the art of the tease and model most everything sheer.  Some models are more involved with their fans than others, but they are all handpicked and all have beautiful feet.

Pantyhose Porn

The great big world of Pantyhose Porn begins here. We’ve been indexing some of the hottest pantyhose erotica and pantyhose porn since 2014. We handpick everything about this niche, to ensure that you’re surfing nothing but quality pantyhose erotica and pantyhose porn.

Stocking Fetish Models

These Stocking Fetish Models prefer the look and feel of sheer stockings. Sheer stockings to me, are basically any material that is in between sheer pantyhose and dedicated nylons. So the range is wide and far reaching. These women, more than others, pay their bills from what they make so please support them all.

Stocking Porn

The Stocking Erotica and Stocking Porn niche of today, isn’t as widespread as they used to be. With the proliferation of stolen content and all that, I get it. One of the reasons why I wanted to create this sheer directory in the first place. It’s hard to find an updated pantyhose, stocking or nylon directory that’s updated and well maintained. I love this niche that much.

Nylon Fetish Models

You have to check out this Nylon Fetish Models library.. Ahh, the sheer nylon niche, that’s what we do here. And I’ll tell ya, there are some just gorgeous models out there, who really take the sheer fetish to another level entirely. Again, please support these solo girls, as they make they’re living off of what they earn from subscriptions..

Nylon Porn

Nylon Porn was one of the first stockinged niches out there in the mid 90’s, when the internet was getting going. And there were some beautiful sites out there. These hand picked Nylon Erotica and Nylon Porn sites are all worthy of a closer look and a visit. Please enjoy this directory.

Sheer on Social

With all of the pantyhose, stoking and nylon models exploding on to social media in the past couple of years, Sheer on Social is our newest sheer index. Everything from twitter to instagram is covered. This directory will grow every week, and we’re honored to be able to send these girls some good traffic!

  • Sheer Porn News

    Spring 2021 / June 9 – Sorry for the update delay, I’ve had some major health stuff going on, thoughts and prayers, please!  Now that I’m asymptomatic, I’m here with you now for the next day or so.  I want to add a “Classic Sheer Models” page, for the Sheer Goddesses o old.  The women that really started it all.  I won’t do a version update on that, as I’ve been working on this page for a minute.  Lastly, moved the 404 site page from “goodies” back to the main index, since there is nothing happy when a site in our community goes 404.  It affects us, our community and that is why it’s so important to support your facorite content creators.  Kk, got 9 new models to show you, C. Fontana out 😉

    Sheer Porn Update Changelog
  • Sheer Babes on Cam

    Red LayllaHot, Wet, Working Class Pantyhosed Brunette
    Feet GoddessPlayful, Sheer Stinky Mistress
  • Sheer Pic of the Week

    A picture that touched me deeply as a fetishist.  Might be what I was listening to that triggered it or my mood.  This image changes week to week.  If you’re picked, mad social media love for you!

    Goddess YanaThe Ultimate Sheer Model
  • We Love All of You!

    We are US based, so that’s not a surprise, but Russia, Germany and the U.K., I hear you!  You all have some of the most beautiful women in the world!  Thank you for making us your choice to surf sheer kink!  To the beautiful content creators of these countries, thank you for letting us list you and get you exposure!

  • What I'm listening to

    …We know Obsession

  • ...Class of our Own

    We are a part of the Afterdarkkmedia Nework, I have indexed almost 1000 foot and sheer models, content creators, websites and galleries, alone.  It started with winnie cooper waaaay back in the day.  A place to check out beautifully sheer models before the rest of the net knew about them.  A gathering place of likeminded fetishists.  I wanted a place with balls, a concept that would give form and mass to what women’s sheer encased feet mean to me.  A place that beautifully represented my niche.  Not another fucking redirect, haha.  Sheer Porn is that place.  With almost 2500 models, sites and content creators network wide, we have the unique opportunity to turn you on to some new kink, daily.  Now let’s ride.

  • Foot Pervert

    With over 1000 Foot Fetish Websites, Sheer Fetish Websites, Content Creators, Foot Models and Foot Centric Galleries, we are the largest, prettiest and fastest Foot Fetish Directory on the muthafuckin’ net ;).  How do we make this fetish look so delicious?  Because that burn is inside of us too, and we give a fuck about the community. was the first, way back in 2005.  It relaunches in the fall.

  • Social Media Feet

    With the advent of every hot chick in the world having an only fans account these days, this foot fetish directory is dedicated to those foot models who do it for the love of the discipline but do not have a premium page or account where you have to pay to see their content.

  • Beautiful Foot Models

    Beautiful Foot Models was a membership site of mine years and years ago.  Now, like the domain suggests, only the creme de la creme of women’s beautiful feet are featured here.  Of course with my bias.  And your voting on the content creators of each of our other foot fetish directories.  This site is also scheduled for re opening this fall, but please browse, while I build it.

  • Foot Adoration

    Foot Adoration is the foot fetish equivalent to Sheer Porn and what this sheer visual directory does for the sheer community as a whole.  And we are proud to be, together the largest foot fetish / sheer directory of content creators, websites and galleries on the net, baby!  Having indexed over 1000 pages and sites as of this writing.  And how do we make this fetish look so drippingly beautiful?  Because we give a fuck about the sheer community online.

Stockings VR

Sheer Galleries

From Pantyhose to Stockings and then Nylons. There is not a more sensual thing, than running my fingers just above the material, feeling the radiating warmth, before running my hands over this beautiful encasement of sheer fabric that makes my fetish so meaningful.

Chaz Fontana

…Representing the Sheer Scene, Well, Since 2013

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