The Sheer Fetishists Handbook

The Sheer Fetishists Handbook came about from the Foot Fetishists Handbook that I have on my foot fetish directory.  Below are some of the things that I’ve encountered, being a foot fetishist for most of my life.  This article is going to take a minute.

Getting “turned out” for the first time

I was 10 years old when I got turned out by my daycare teacher.  She was a MILF Christian daycare teacher.  She wore the right amount of makeup and I remember her big collars, which were a staple in the mid 70’s.  One day, I was playing outside and came in for something, I can’t remember specifically.  She’s sitting on a chair, feeding her left foot to this other black kid that was on the floor, kissing and sucking on my daycare teachers feet.  Granted, this was in south Texas in the summer and i’ll tell ya the depths of southern sweat is just amazing if you really want to get into the way a woman’s feet smell.  Anyway, she motioned to me with her index finger, I went over and she asked me if I wanted to “smell something good”.  I looked at her other foot and I could see that her toes were soaked with the other kids spit.  So I politely declined.  >> (There are so many things that I’d like to share with you.  So this article might be under construction for a minute.)

What is a Primary

A primary is the person who turned you out for the first time.  The person that made you fetishize the act, whatever act that was.  You’ll always jack off to her.  She’s special.  You’ll pattern everything after her.  Fetishistic likes, dislikes, etc.  Down to the way that women’s feet smell in sheer pantyhose.  You’ll have a “pheromonal range”.  At least that’s what I call it.  She’s always there for me.  Lurking.  I often wonder what she’d think about the way I turned out?  My network is popular, over 15k surfers a day.  Not even mentioning the fetish parties that I threw when I was a kid in the city I live in.  Your primary is the soul of your perversion.

Fetishistic Regret

It fucking haunts me.  It’s like trying to drive a car with some of the pieces missing.  And because my perversion is a motherfucker, I’m simultaneously mind fucking myself and replacing her scent with something in my pheromonal range, a recent one in my head.  Why recent?  So I can taste and smell every little thing about her and recall it instantly.  The last time my primary’s pantyhosed feet were on my face, it was over 40 years ago.  Time does things to memory.  It’s not reliable in some cases.  How “salty” they were, things that made her foot unique, etc.  My regret stems from high school.  I regret not telling my classmates with beautiful feet, that I wanted a shot at being with them.  Some of them blatantly came on to me even.  I could have had it and I failed.  Please don’t live your life with any shame, about who or what you are.  Makes you unique.  You are sensuality, personified peeps.  I’m not just saying that either.  We’re like only 3.5 percent of the population to start with and that’s foot fetishists.  I would imagine that the sheer scene is most likely a smaller pool.  There’s a bit of cross over, but for the most part, one is either “in or out”, so to speak.  Be who you are, especially in matters of love, my friends.

Dating as a Sheer Fetishist

It’s interesting.  I’m writing this as of summer 2022.  With the pandemic, monkeypox, potential war with Russia, potential war with China, narcissists and monsters everywhere.  Selfishness is subconscious at this point..  Everyone’s alone, isolated, lonely, etc.  You’d think that we’d be completely fucked.  Wrong.  Everyone is “rentable”
nowadays.  Money, power, status.  That’s it.  It’s pathetic, but that’s really it.  Idk, I put who I am on my dating profile.  I’ve had interesting conversations with women, who just really had no idea.  At the end of the day though, it all, boils down to self confidence, or lack thereof.  They don’t want you to think that their feet might not be what you like, or their feet in pantyhose, stockings or nylons might smell too bad.  You just got to fight through that conversation, friends.  Reassurance, feelings, communication and empathy are the tools to get her to open up.  If she doesn’t, you’ll have to decide what you are ruled by.  Love or your fetish?

Difference between Pantyhose, Stockings and Nylons

This is sooo fucking objective, peeps.  I index this sheer directory as pantyhose, which no one has a problem with.  Stockings and Nylons on the other hand, is a hotly contested debate, haha.  As of now though, Sheer Stockings and Sheer Nylons are the only leggings featured here.  Sheer Pantyhose creators are now being indexed on Sensual Pantyhose.  I am leaving the pantyhose galleries here intact.  Lastly, I’m American so I use the terms that I know. 🙂

The Goddess

I’m not quite sure how someone can be a fetishist and not believe in a higher feminine energy.  If you don’t, then what drives you to do the things you do?  I take the hindu religion for Goddess Worship, Shakti Shiva stuff to be exact.  When I worship women’s feet, I pretend in my mind that I am in fact, worshipping the estrogen, the feminine, the Goddess  This is why I’m so “weird” about trans stuff, in my mind, I would never “worship” someone who was born male.  No matter how much hormone therapy, it’s not in the glory of the Goddess and she was not born female.

The Sheer Fetishist in 2023

..What a slow moving dumpster fire we are all on in 2023.  At least in America, 75% of the population is “chronically lonely”, more than 1/2 of Americans are on “anti depressants”, etc, etc.  Being a ride share driver has completely opened my eyes to society, stripped down into it’s basic self.  And it’s not pretty, what’s underneath.  Money, Status, Power, those are the three aspirations of peeps worldwide.  It’s a great time to be a pervert in 2023 but the most horrible time for deep meaningful relationships.  And it will only get worse.  “Rent” women to your hearts content, but to not get emotionally involved unless they really prove to you that they are worthy of your heart in the first place.

The way we Idealize

  (this page is under construction, please check back often)

Why we get “Bored”

Why we “Emotionally Detach”

Be Careful in Love


The Twist of the Snake

Pay 2 Play

How we form Relationships

Manipulation as a tool

We “Feel More”

Closing Thoughts


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