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Ok, so you can’t really believe any of the stories that I have, throughout my life, unless I tell you a little bit about what I’m about.  The name, Chaz Fontana, of course, is a fake name.  Tongue in cheek?  Hell yes, over the top, um… yeah.

I’m a Leo, first and foremost, born in South Texas, in the early 70’s, a kid of a single mom, who worked her way through college in her early twenties.  My mom was, and still is a charasmatic christian.  That being the case, all I knew was private school until I was in the ninth grade.  I was 10 years old, at a christian day care center, when I had my first foot fetish experience ala a daycare teacher.  You gotta understand something about the south.  Back then, the women wore big scarves, dramatically long collars and pantyhose.  That was my first experience.

Lest I get a whole lotta mail, wanting the details, it was a pretty innocent thing, and here’s the story.  I was playing inside one day, it was cloudy outside.  Mr’s K, I won’t use her first name, was sitting in the middle of the room with some black kid already swinging from one of her feet.  She saw me looking at both of them, like wtf?  I mean, I was a kid, what am I suppost to do?  I had no idea of anything outside of my lego collection…  She curled her index finer up and down in a “come here” motion.  I kinda trudged over, from what I remember, and with the prettiest smile I have ever seen, she said “wanna smell something good?”  I was like sure.  She told me to lay down on my back and then she preceded to run her tan colored pantyhosed feet up and down my face, slowly, all the while just smiling at me and the black kid.

South Texas is hot.  Humidity is always 70-100 percent.  Her feet were warm and wet.  They were very peachy smelling.  About her, she was mid 40’s, married and also had kids in the program.  Which, looking back now is pretty crazy.  Afterwards I would occasionally go into her office, shut the door and lay under her desk, while I just smelled her feet all afternoon.  We moved a year later, my parents had no clue, really and I cired over her when I left.

I was crazy about my desires to worship women’s feet after that.  We moved to Los Angeles after Texas and I paid cheerleaders in high school to let me smell their feet after practice, after they swore me to secrecy and threatened to have the shit beat out of me if I told anyone.  That was high school for me in the 80’s.  Ratt n Roll shirts and not giving a fuck.

I moved to the midwest after that.  I got sick of paying chicks to worship their feet and created a fetish event company that threw sick parties all over the midwest in the late 90’s to mid 2000’s  My events were never under 500 people and up to 1300.  I did a ton of ecstasy, got more and more into my fetish and almost killed myself partying up until 2005, when I just took a long break.  One that continues so far.

I consider myself a lifestyle fetishist, as imho, that’s the only way to rock.  And own the Network, which encompasses the DigitalDivasOnline Network.  Did my first porn site in 1999 and the net is like crack to me.  I freaking love it.  And I love doing this.  I’ve done alot in my life.  I have a unique perspective, as a fetishist.  I love anything foot fetish.  Pantyhose, Stockings and Nylons are all one big family, imho.  Pantyhose, personally, is my favorite.  It seems to hold the sweat in so much better…  And this is my library, where every now and then, I will relate some of my stories.  I have worshipped over 2000 women in my lifetime.  To really know a woman, is to worship her.  I am always down to answer questions, or whatever, just hit me up.  I am a director, actor, webmaster, seo guy and I will not let this niche ever die.  I love it, and my community too fucking much.

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