The State of Perversion March 2014

Hey, and welcome to our opinion articles.  Every now and then, we will relate the state of the Pantyhose Fetish, Stocking Fetish and Nylon Fetish, on the internet, through our eyes.  And other issues that effect our fetish community.

Well it’s March 6th and it seems in the last 2 years, many sites have just up and disappeared.  Some make a closing statement to their fans, others, just go lights out one day, without any notion that they were going to close, etc.  Sometimes this might leave members in a pickle, but more often than not, these websites have long have their members peace out, before the decision to close was ever made.  Or maybe that was the driving notion that caused the closure to begin with.

As both a website producer, as well as a directory operator, I see it from both sides.  From the producer standpoint, there just aren’t alot of sites anymore, cranking out the new content that there used to be.  Many say that tube sites have dramatically decreased sales, thus making it nearly impossible to make any concept worthwhile.  I can see this, as any basic pantyhose posing shoot, non nude, is 200 bucks or more, and gear can cost over 5ooo bucks, startup alone.  Maybe that was a factor a couple of years ago, but even with tubes, the content tends to be the same.  Maybe not here, but we work hard with our partners to get their promo content to you in ways that many sites just don’t do.

And I believe that if one of you loves the content, you will subscribe for the content, usually in HD, to add to your personal stash.  I know I do.  Still though, there just aren’t as many quality pantyhose, stocking or nylon sites that we all haven’t seen time and time again, to join.  I think that this is a societal shift in clothing and the lessening of fetishistic urges relating to pantyhose, stocking and nylon fabric in particular.

Women just aren’t wearing these items as much as they used too, hence the admiration associated with these garmets is fading, and fading fast.  Oh how I have pined the day that pantyhose and stockings would suddenly come back into style, blessed by Rachel Zoe herself.  But I am still holding my breath.  In some stores now, they don’t even sell these garments anymore.

Back in the day, in ’96, when I was surfing my heart out to 56k baud modems, there was a shitload of these sites out there.  Many have retired, and I still kick myself that I didn’t grab up more promo, so I could put it in the 404 Gallery Library, here.  I say, let’s hold these sites that are left, tight, close to us.  So the whole scene isn’t forgotten.  And that is my take on the state of perversion for March, 2014.


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