Sheer Website Archive, Page Three

Welcome to my 1996 – 2006 Sheer Website Archive. This is page three.  These websites were on the old Digital Divas network, which I owned, at the time. All of these sites are 404, or they would be in the regular sheer directory, under pantyhose, stockings, nylons, etc. Sizes are intact and the same as when they were originally indexed in 2003. I don’t want to resize them, as that will degrade the images and I want to preserve them as pristinely as possible.


i-model was a bit of a sheer pantyhose “megasite” when it was around back in the day. They had many different lovelies doing many different things, before they went offline.

Jae’s Pantyhose

Jae’s Pantyhose was only up a couple of years if memory serves me correctly. She started out not showing her face, maybe that was one of the reasons why she didn’t survive the internets?

JoAnne LaFontaine

JoAnne LaFontaine was a bit of a fixture in the early internet scene. She had a very exotic look, but her feet were cute enough. She had a good run of about 7 years, from 2000 – 2007ish.

Kristy Blue

I always liked Kristy Blue, and I juft absolutely fucking loved that mole by her mouth. I always wanted to suck on it. “…I have a thing for moles”. From her original description – Kristy has some really nice legs here that compliments the various nylons, stockings and pantyhose perfectly. Check her out, she has alot of content and tell her we sent ya.

Kryztal Red

OMG I dumped so much cum, jerking off to Kryztal Red back in the day.. She had everything! Big areolas, a beautiful body, a beautiful face and her feet weren’t that bad either. She also has a set in our 404 galleries.

Leg Show

…Not as in the iconic Leg Show magazine, but rather just an amateur site that was online from the early to mid 2000’s. The girls were varied and cute to boot!

Louise Pantyhose Paradise

Louise of Louise Pantyhose Paradise was another one of my favorites back in the day. Big natural tits, big areolas and hopefully a pair of stinky pantyhosed feet to boot. She was online for at least a decade, going back to the early 2000’s.

Maria Nylon

For an older woman, Maria Nylon was a cutie patootie, imho. From the original index – “She has been around for awhile and she seems to have a pretty big members area. Check her out if interested and let us know what you think.”

Northern Dawn

Northern Dawn, in the words of our first review “Another big free website for the masses. A variety of themes from this website, if you pay a donation, you get a free picture CD if I am correct. Her feet are absolutely fucking beautiful.”

Nylon Dream

Nylon Dream, man oh man, I used to do generic descriptions, le sigh… I really wish, looking back, that I had been more in depth with these sites. Not much is known about this one, unfortunately.

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