Sheer Website Archive, Page Four

Welcome to my 1996 – 2006 Sheer Website Archive. This is page four.  These websites were on the old Digital Divas network, which I owned, at the time. All of these sites are 404, or they would be in the regular sheer directory, under pantyhose, stockings, nylons, etc. Sizes are intact and the same as when they were originally indexed in 2003. I don’t want to resize them, as that will degrade the images and I want to preserve them as pristinely as possible.

Nylon Heaven

Nylon Heaven, man, I’m kinda surprised that this one is offline, really, they were the mainstay of nylon erotica online from the late 90’s to just a couple of years ago. Sad to see these peeps go…

Nylon Hell

Nylon Hell was the sister site of nylon heaven. I always loved that play on words and the different types of content that both sites had to offer. Sad this one is gone as well.

Nylon Zone

Nylon Zone, as I said in the first review “Well this is a Mega Pantyhose Website people, boasting over 50,000 nylon images and a buttload of movies. The content here is good, the videos are very tight.” They were another early 2000’s site.

Pantyhose Snatch

Pantyhose Snatch, in the words of my first review – “A pretty cool looking pantyhose website. The pantyhose models featured here are super cute too. Check them out and tell them that we sent ya.” They were an early 2000’s website.

Sara-s Closet

Sara of Sara-s Closet was a French girl that had a personal site from oh 2001ish to 2005ish. I remember when she first came out and requested listing. Man those were really the days with alot of good sheer content up.

Silky Legs

Silky Legs was a BHE site way back in the day, we’re talking about, like most of the other sites here, concepts that were online around the early 2000’s.

Sweet Juliet

Sweet Juliet, in the words of my first review “She is a really cute girl here. She has inside her site, 5800 photos, plus over 120 minutes of videos and over 3600 photos of her Friends.” I really had a crush on her back in the day.

Tracey Coleman

Tracey Coleman was my hero back in the day. I dumped alot of cum on her behalf. She was around, really, from the late 90’s to the mid 2000’s. She was and still is, one of the prettiest sheer model to come off the internet in a long time.

Vanessa Louri

Vanessa Louri was also one of my big crushes back in the day. She was a very European model with the cutest little feet, to boot. She was online from around 2001 to 2009ish.

My Wife’s Platform Heels

My Wife’s Platform Heels was a nice little free “mom and pop” site that was briefly online from 2004 – 2007ish. As you can see, she very much had a very sexy pair of feet.

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