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I have been wanting to get a peek to do a Saint MacKenzies Review, since I saw the first pictures of this website a couple of years ago. The women are top notch and I am really a big fan of the photography that is featured on this site. Whoever the photographer is, he or she rocks! Ok, Foot Pervert is moving up in the world and I got a pass to see if what I think glitters is, in fact gold!

First impressions are that each model has multiple sets to download. Everything is conveniently zipped for your downloading pleasure. The images are huge! 3500x 2300 and some change. There is actually a very large library of content here. As far as the videos, there is no streaming, unfortunately, but the video is downloadable in either Standard Definition or 720p High Definition Video. I also love the look of the girls. I, personally, am into the more subversive types myself.. you know, the Alt – Gothic look. Now make no mistake, there are only 6 or 7 of these women, out of over 60 models, but the open-mindedness of shooting these types women as well, are appreciated. There are some barefoot sets as well, which was a bit surprising, I had assumed that the models would all be wearing stockings. This was a pleasant surprise. Also as I get deeper into the downloads, this site reminds me of an elegant “Playboy” style of site. Everything is elegant and softcore. The women kiss each other sometimes in the shoots, but that is about as far as it goes…


Most of the video and images, for that matter, are shot at… you guessed it! A Schoolhouse setting. Which is pretty cool, as there are not that many truly legit “schoolgirl” fetish sites out there. Throw in the fact that this is also the consummate Stocking site and viola! You have everything that is all about! All in all, a professional, well rounded stocking and schoolgirl site that is bound to grow by leaps and bounds. In short, I was not disappointed in the least. 25 bucks for a ton of content is a steal at this type of quality!

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