Tatiana Kurdyumova

Tatiana Kurdyumova is a perfect example of “making it work”.  Obviously, she didn’t start with much, just a room and a selfie camera.  And she made it work and that takes heart, and I’m all about fucking heart.  Hence the spotlight on her in order to add to her already one hundred and thirty thousand followers.  Lastly, the fact that she’s Russian is already a testament to her genetic perfection and the way her feet smell after wearing hosiery all day long.

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125.8k followers @ 5/23

Tatiana Kurdyumova’s 2023 Update

Tatiana Kurdyumova looks great, I wish Putin was dead but thats besides the point.  She has most certainly matured as far as her content goes and it was dope to begin with.  I have updated her promotionals.

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Gum Drops

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