Sensual Pantyhose

Sensual Pantyhose is the brainchild of Chaz Fontana. He has always had some sort of pantyhose content on his websites, such as Beautiful Feet Online, which he owned from 2005-2012. He is an avid fan (to put it mildly) of women’s pantyhosed feet. Unlike some sheer fetishists, he loves the way they smell after being trapped in heels all day. “That is how I got my foot fetish” he says. Apparently a middle aged daycare teacher used to rub her pantyhosed feet on his face, and the seed was planted. 1080p streaming and lots of downloadables are what you will find here. As this is the pantyhosed version of all of his other foot fetish sites.

Edit – Chaz Fontana has consolidated all of his concepts, including this one, to his new project, Her Beautiful Feet.

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