Nylon Bea

Nylon Bea is just a Bad Ass chick!  My perfect fantasy of mine would be, my head between her legs, her legs crossed so the pair of both of her sheer covered feet covered and slowly massaged my nose while I deeply smelled her nyloned feet.  Oh God I live for this shit.  I’m kinda shocked with the fact that she doesn’t have alot of fans, per se, but that’s the good work with we do, with the power of you peeps and mutual dedication to the discipline.  Oh God, please let me see her feet, so I can keep idealizing the shit out of her, lolol.  You peeps understand..  Thank you Jesus, her feet are as pretty as she is, I’d smell the hell out. of those.  Check her out, for the love of God, ESPECIALLY if you have an Opaque kink.  She’s British, ridiculously beautiful and she shits perfection!

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