Janey 2 the Baney

Janey 2 the Baney has some very nice legs, good grief! She has a wide variety of poses and such. She also models a pretty good variety of everything from fishnets to super sheer stockings. With almost 100k followers, she is a rising star, so check her out and follow her already! Updating this site, she now has almost 1/2 million followers. Hard work! She’s updating like crazy as well.

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366 k followers @ 4 / 23

Janey 2 the Baney 2023 Update

Janey 2 the Baney looks awesome, you go girl!  She’s over 1/3 of a million followers now.  I’d like to hope that we had something to do with that :). Man I indexed her years ago, super happy that she’s online and doing her thing.  She’s got a shitload of video promotionals on her insta.  The only thing I’d say is plz don’t fall into that “photoshop bokeh” bullshit.  It just makes the content look like refriend poop.  Other than that, good to go :).  I’ve updated her promotionals accordingly.

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