Beatka Makrucka

Beatka Makrucka good, lord, haha.  Beautiful, like every Polish woman slingin’ pantyhose, nylons or stockings on the net.  I swear to God I’m fucking retiring there.  She works with what she’s got, admirable.  I would love to increase her monthly budget by being her foot slave, but time and distance.  See peeps, that’s what I’m saying!!  I gotta move to Poland.  Hmm, some of her earlier pics look weird, like it’s been stretched or resized.  WTH?!?  I gotta real fight between not indexing her as much as I would have, also the need to see everything about her because now, I’m totally gonna jack off to her later and ..blah!  Oh wow, her arch is just delicious.

And for the love of
God, puhlease DO NOT bokeh your feet, girl, please and thank you.  Please fix your pixelation issues with your content, Goddess.  At the end of the day, you’re fucking amazing, Beatka, with just some minor adjustments, you’ll go far, imho.  It’s interesting how you curl your toes, love.  Almost like you might be embarrassed by them or something.  You’re just so drippingly pretty though, looks of your feet probably wouldn’t even matter at this point.  Sucking the sweat off your feet would still just be a fucking honor, ma’am.  Enjoy the traffic 😉

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