Submit Your Movies

Submit Your Foot Fetish Movies

Hi all, thanks for surfing us, first and foremost.  I want everyone to have the opportunity to submit your video trailers or foot fetish movie promotionals, so you can further get your brand out there.  I also own a couple of foot fetish membership sites, and I know how it is, not having traffic, not having surfers give you feedback, or not seeing what the general PH/Stocking and Nylon community thinks about your content.

Submission Guidelines

1 – We get about 4k traffic per day, both on the main, as well as this tube.  Most of our traffic is U.S. and we are under 500k Alexa, so you will definitely be seen!  We are also aPH/Stocking and Nylon archive site.  This means that you also have the option of having us review you and getting your site indexed as well.  Please allow a week for review.  We can pull and chop down our favorite videos from your site.  Our formula is 7% – 10% of total content, having trailers for.  When we review your site, we will also pull no more than 7% – 10% of total content for promotionals, galleries, etc.  We have great PR as well as being online for as long as we have, you’re going to have multiple great backlinks to your foot fetish site.

2 – You pick your own content that you would like to promote.  If you’d like to be indexed, please provide us with 25 full sized images, please, as well as a couple of sentences that you would like for our surfers to know.  something about the site, or you, or both!  You can .zip the file and send it to us.  If you are submitting videos, please submit no more than a short preview, no longer than 5 minutes please, because of our HDD limitations, and thats about long enough for our surfers to get the gist of what you’re doing.  We usually use We Transfer with transferring content.  It’s simple, easy to use and most people have used this service before.  If you’d like to direct mail us, please Email Us your attachments.

3 – We will promote the hell out of websites with affiliate programs!

4 – If you have a reciprocal link page, please also include the url of this page in your email and I will give you a custom banner.  Please and Thank You!

5 – Social Media Accounts, Please make your movie submission at least 2 minutes, please as well as providing you with your url!

I hope to work with you to brand your PH/Stocking and Nylon site and show us all what we’ve been missing out on.  Please enjoy your stay and take care!