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Promote your Website with us.  If you own a Pantyhose, Stocking or Nylon page or website, please give us some information so we can list you here with us and get you some exposure. There aren’t really any more Directories online that even do this anymore. Most of the time when you try to email a site about a links trade, the email doesn’t work, you get no response or there is no communication at all. We aim to change this. It takes a village and we offer free link trades or if you have an affiliate program, simply give us the signup url and your done. is a Complete Pantyhose and Stocking Directory, featuring the best of the best on the web. We have the ability to promote you in many different ways. Including our custom tube ( there is nothing like it online.) An HD Image gallery, as well as our Visual Directory, there is nothing like us on the web, either.

What do I need?

You Must have original content. If I am listing your website, you should have at least 90 percent original content that looks nice. Pictures that are yellow, green or red are NOT pretty. I will not list those sites, and my surfers won’t click it anyway. Also please have a nice, progressive design.

If you have a shitload of popups, circle jerks or any cookie manipulation, I will not list you here. My surfers don’t want to be going from site to site clicking on shit that just takes you somewhere else entirely. I love my surfers and do what I can to protect them, please understand. 🙂

You must have a “shout out” or link on your website pointing to us.  It’s only fair.  If you have a links page, we are happy to be there. I do not do the auto submitter or traffic trader thing. I post all links manually. If you trade links with us, you are agreeing that you will never remove our links without letting us know beforehand. It is common courtesy. And if you do that, I will permanently black list you out of my network, forever.

If you are a membership site, you are really encouraged to give us some level of access into your Members Area so that we may review and gather information about what you’re all about. You get a ton more exposure and you also get listed on our Review Page.


Hey there, I will get back to you as soon as possible. Please make sure you enter everything correctly. The URL you put, is the one I’m going to check out.

When you become a partner, you must provide a minimum of 30 high quality images, horizontal, as well as vertical images so I can properly list you on my directory. If you want more love… and I’m happy to give it, please provide me with access to your site, one week is fine, and you’ll also have a review spot with us, which will be pretty great for your SEO and the opportunity to get more traffic.

If you are also a fetishist, cool, you can grab your own content. I trust that you know exactly the vision of your website and what you are trying to portray to the masses of our people online.

Word, Take Care People

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Any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.

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